Lucy Alexandra Photography


Heyyy, I’m Lucy 🤘⚡


I specialise in natural, alternative, creative and colourful wedding photography.

My style is super friendly and relaxed. I’m not here to make you awkwardly stand around for hours on end, I’m here to add to the magic of your wedding day. I want you to look back on the wedding photos as memorable moments and yes, let’s have some FUN!!! Let’s put on the music, whip out a few smoke bombs and pop that prosecco babayyyy!!!! 🍾
I love to travel far and wide, capturing wild hearts and people in love. I’m all for couples sticking the finger to tradition and doing things YOUR OWN WAY. It’s…

Your wedding, your rules!

“…her laidback approach helped us not to stress about anything, to trust her and the photos were amazing!!” – Hannah & Alistair

Proud to be featured on...

No Awkward Posing.

No Standing around for hours.

Fun & Relaxed.

⚡Are you one of those couples that hate having your photo taken, a little bit picture shy and feeling super nervous about posing in front of the camera all day?

...Dont worry, I GOT YOU!!!!!

I can guarantee a laidback, relaxed wedding day with fun and interactive couple sessions from a friendly photographer that puts your mind at ease ✌️
I have a variety of photography skills and I feel it’s important to have a wedding album that has a selection of different styles and shots. This means you get the most out of your day and every moment is captured in the best and most meaningful way 📸
Candid: I’m like a ninja 🤟 people don’t even notice I’m there. This means I can capture and document every moment from your wedding day; the tears, the laughter, and the cringey dad dancing, all without disturbing your guests or making them feel uncomfortable.
Those MUST-HAVE group shots: Because group shots ARE important! How often do you have all your favourite people together in one room? Even though it might not seem important to you now, or that you feel having posed shots will ruin your day, I can guarantee that in 5, 10, or even 20 years down the line you will be so glad you have these. Plus, I don’t pose you in a daunting and overly posey way, I like to throw in some fun and make it a relaxed experience.
Insta-worthy: It’s your wedding day and you both deserve to feel like queens. Let’s have fun, whip out that sass, and take some photos that look like they’re straight out of a magazine 💥💥

I will capture all the moments that make YOUR WEDDING YOURS!

The real. The raw. The unscripted. The natural. The blink and you’ll miss it.