Oh Hey There, I'm Lucy!

My love of photography began in college, where I was passionate about fashion. I would often read Dazed & Confused magazine and dream of becoming a photographer. After many years of traveling and self-discovery, I realized that no matter what I did, I was always drawn back to photography.

Over the years, the wedding photography industry has become more creative, more focused on style and showcasing who couples truly are, and I was hooked. I especially love wedding photography when it involves badass couples who defy tradition and do things their own way.

With my fashion background and love of Instagram, I feel that I can offer something truly unique to all the couples out there. As a detail-oriented person, I adore flowers, arches, confetti, sparklers, cufflinks, and those sassy shoes – all of it!

Although I’m actually camera shy, it’s also my superpower because it means I completely understand how my couples feel during their couple shoots. That’s why my style is super relaxed with no pressure or awkward posing. I’ve got you covered!

I’m a mom to a beautiful little boy, Miles, with my partner of 5 years (who I hope will one day be my husband… if you see him, please give him a nudge, haha).

Get to know me

01. Favourite Country & City:

I worked all across Italy while I was doing seasonal work and I absolutely adored everything about it. I would say my favourite city in Italy is Florence.

02. My guilty pleasure:

COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE… I just can’t get enough!

03. My binge worthy netflix show:

Gilmore Girls

04. My favourite drink of choice:

Aperol Spritz babayyyyyyy!!! 

05. My favourite season:

Autumn. The colours are just so magical and they go perfectly with my editing style.

06. What does my dream wedding look like:

A Vegas Chapel, an over-the-top bouquet, a top-down Cadillac, an In & Out Burger reception and all followed by a sunset couple shoot at the Grand Canyon.

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