5 Tips for Shy Brides

The phrase I hear most from couples is,

“I’m not confident in front of the camera, and we’re worried about the photo aspect of the day.” – All Brides & Grooms

Okay, so you’re worried about having your photo taken on the big day. You’re worried your photographer will have you doing crazy poses and keep you from your guests and having fun. Here are five steps I follow every wedding day to ensure you have the best time and feel completely comfortable:

Let’s Be Friends

Having someone turn up to your wedding to take photos of you, whom you have hardly ever spoken to or seen, can be daunting.

That’s why the first thing I do when you book me is set up a WhatsApp chat and follow you on your socials, so we have a way of chatting in the lead-up to the wedding day.

Whether it’s me checking in on how the wedding planning is going, recommending suppliers, or swapping Pinterest boards, we can communicate through this platform.

During our chats, you can express your concerns, and I can do my best to accommodate them. This just helps build rapport and a friendship, so I will be more like your extra bridesmaid than your photographer.

“Lucy is really good if you are awkward as she gets those beautiful shots when your are not realising, some of the candid shots she got are honestly my favourite” – Emma & Matt

Guided Candid Photographs

I like to keep my style natural and relaxed, but at the same time, I am a photographer, and I know where the best light is and where the most photogenic spots are. So, even though I will be capturing your candid moments, I will make sure we get them in the best spots possible to ensure that we get the MOST AMAZING CANDID PHOTOS POSSIBLE.

For example, in the morning when you’re putting on your dress, I will clear a part of the room, maybe by a window where the light looks badass and let you get ready there. That way, instead of having cups of tea, 15 makeup brushes, lipsticks, and phones in the background of your photo, you’re in the best spot possible for the photo to POP without having to do any posing whatsoever. You’re just getting ready with your friends, and it looks amazing.

“Lucy just rolled with the day, She knew we wanted less formal shots but was happy to do the obligatory groupshots. All of our guests commented on how professional she was and how she’d been so quick to get the group ones done, allowing them to enjoy the rest of the day. Since receiving our pictures we have had hundreds of compliments and we are so pleased with the service she provided” – Erica & David

Short Couple Portrait Sessions

When it comes to your couple portraits, instead of doing one photo session, I do things a little differently. I like to break up your photos into little sessions throughout the day.

“Why?” you wonder. I find that when people have just gotten married, they are a little tense, full of emotions, and have a billion people wanting to congratulate them. The next minute, your photographer comes over and wants to do your couple portrait session. Yes, that’s a lot of stuff in a short space of time.

I like my couple to digest and get into the swing of the day, so I like to do a quick photo session at the start of the day, and then I do a short session at the end. That way, I’m not overwhelming you, but you also get a whole load of extra photos.

Usually, the light is different, the backdrop is different, and your mood is different. It adds so much variety to the day. Also, if there’s a gorgeous sunset, we can enjoy it and get some photos together.

“Omg these are amazing! Thank you so much, it was really lovely to meet you, and thanks again for helping us to come out of our shells in front of the camera” – Christine & Chris

Organise, Organise, Organise!

Just like every other part of your wedding day organization is key.

So to ensure a smooth, relaxed day, I make sure we run through all the timings, details and group shots prior to the day.

Not only does this ease your mind and help you feel calmer, but it also means if you’re feeling a little bit shy about the photo aspect of the day, you know exactly what to expect.

Because we have organized this ahead of time, it then means the photo aspect of the day will be shorter.

Less time taking photos, more time having fun!!

“I am not a fan of having my picture taken but she made me feel so comfortable she got some beautiful natural shots! She captured every moment, and every bit in between… and the fun shots definitely came naturally with Lucy around!!! – Beckie & Danny

Do An Engagement Shoot

My number one top tip for shy couples is to do an engagement shoot prior to the wedding day. I would usually advise doing this with your chosen wedding photographer. Not only are you getting to understand how they work, but they are also getting to understand how you both work. Every couple I have done an engagement shoot with has said how easy and relaxing they found the photo aspect to be, and how it made them feel more relaxed for the big day.

Usually, the biggest fear when it comes to being a shy bride is the fear of the unknown. Doing an engagement shoot takes this away, and you go away with a full understanding of what to expect on the big day. Plus, you leave with a whole load of amazing images that you can put on your socials or on your tables, invitations, save the date cards.


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