“Recently got married and decided to use Lucy as our photographer. Best decision ever. She was fantastic, she made us feel completely at ease. Our photos have come out perfectly and we couldn’t be happier. She had loads of ideas of different shots which were some of the best of the day and also she was so good with all our friends and family. Couldn’t recommend Lucy enough and if your considering using her you should definitely go for it.

Ailbhe & Rob

“Thank you, Lucy, for taking brilliant wedding pictures. The range and quality of images were excellent and what also struck me was your total efficiency and enthusiasm throughout the entire occasion. You were confident and always in control, shoeing great resourcefulness and skill. I have worked with lots of photographers and they can be quite demanding at times but you knew what you wanted and got on with it with minimum fuss. You were always polite and courteous with strangers and I noticed you had a keen eye for the quirky shot which complemented some of the more formal group pictures. I have no hesitation in recommending Lucy who obviously has a special talent and the right temperament.

Mr Buckley (Father of the Groom)

I had the pleasure of shooting this gorgeous micro wedding for one of my besties Ailbhe and her new husband Rob ? Initially, they had planned a big wedding in the Lake District but, unfortunately, due to COVID, it was postponed.

Their original plan was to wait and do their big day when things went back to “normal” ? but, in the end, they decided sorry COVID…LOVE CAN’T WAIT!!! And planned a last-minute, intimate ceremony instead ??

Ailbhe and Rob definitely had reservations about downsizing their wedding but, in the end, they were so happy that they decide to go ahead ? stripping it back to what it truly is about; two people and their love for one another.

The day was intimate with only a handful of their friends and family joining them due to the restrictions. Ailbhe and Rob both got ready at their family homes. It was a late ceremony so the morning was filled with prosecco and video calls with friends and family from around the world who were unable to make it. Around 2 pm they headed to the Town Hall where they were greeted and surprised by a huge crowd of cheering friends and family as they went inside to tie the knot. Unfortunately, due to the tight restrictions and the number of guests allowed at the ceremony, I was unable to go in and capture this. But, during the ceremony, they had a live stream going straight from the ceremony to all their family and friends watching outside. Even though the guest list was short you could definitely feel the love from those who didn’t make it, you could hear the laughter and cheers coming from the street.

After the ceremony, I went for a wander around Sale with the bride and groom to get some wedding photos. What I love about elopements is that there is NO LIMIT when it comes to photos. Just because you got married in the Town Hall doesn’t mean you’re limited to a couple of photos inside and outside of the building. The world is your oyster and Ailbhe & Rob were up for being creative and getting some photos that are a little different which I LOVED ? We got a couple of urban/industrial style photos at the Met Station, then we headed to Walkden Gardens to get something a little bit more traditional and romantic.

When I met up with Ailbhe & Rob prior to the wedding, they talked about how shy and awkward they can be in front of the camera but, on the day, they absolutely rocked it and were naturals. Walkden Gardens was gorgeous, the night before it snowed so there were still little drizzles of snow everywhere. Due to it being a few days after Christmas, they still had the Christmas decoration up in the park too, which helped make it feel even more super cute and magical. I also advised Rob and Ailbhe to bring a little backpack with them too so that we could pop prosecco and toast to them being married, bringing that extra bit of SASS to their photos.

What I found to be quite special about the day was the pending lockdown. During the ceremony, an announcement was made by Boris johnson to advise that, from midnight, we would be going into a full national lockdown. The couple felt like the day was meant to be and felt so lucky that they managed to get married before lockdown 3.0.

Ailbhe & Rob both said that they were so happy that they decided to go ahead and just do it, they had absolutely no regrets. One of their main worries was upsetting those that couldn’t make it but, they found that people were really understanding and just so happy for them that they were able to go ahead. 

My advice to you is don’t be afraid of upsetting people, just go ahead, do what’s right for you because life is too short! In the end, the people who love you most will be nothing but happy for you and the people that aren’t don’t deserve to be a part of your day anyway.